“everybody dreams”
it's taken me so many years, so many lifetimes, but at last i know where i'm going. where i've always been going. home. the long way around.


oh you’re watching pacific rim? i love that movie, the way they just [clenches fist] rim all of the pacific

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Ah you’re reading hawkeye? I love that comic. The way he just [clenches fist] eyes all those fricking hawks

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a group halloween costume with remus lupin as tin man, peter pettigrew as cowardly lion, james potter as scarecrow, lily evans as dorothy and sirius black as toto

Submission for thegreatduelling

Submission for thegreatduelling

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PSAT Prep 2014


If you ain’t a ______ get up out my _________.

A) Sensei, calligraphy school
B) Boston man, Grand Canyon
C) dolphin trainer, water park
D) cow, potato farm
E) crimson leaf, tree

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Set phasers to fun.


Captain I did not say this, you have misheard, I said—Captain cease laughing this instant, I do not appreciate—Jim, do not put my name to this—


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